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Carla Casilli

Mozilla Foundation
Director of Badge System Design
Los Angeles
Carla is Mozilla's Badge System Design Lead. At Mozilla, she explores, examines and documents badge systems—both internal and external to Mozilla. She focuses her many years of strategic consulting, design thinking, and simplified communications experience on the improvement and encouragement of alternative credentialing systems in between thinking through the future of educational assessment efforts. She spearheads Mozilla's Web Literacy Standard badge thinking and provides insight on all aspects of Open Badges. Her current focus centers on badge system design: its potential, its complexities, and its opportunities.

Previously in her career she was a creative director for a telecommunications firm, owned her own consulting firm, worked for frog design, and was a vice president of Simplified Communications at Siegel & Gale in NYC. During her career she has worked with Fortune 500 companies, created branding systems, and designed user experiences for top consumer brands.

Carla holds an MA in Media Psychology and Social Change from Fielding University and a BFA in Graphic Design and Professional Writing from Carnegie-Mellon University.